Changes in the PSW Industry

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Hi all.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update. Work has been crazy. So has the summer. One advantage of living in Ontario are the great summers!

What’s new in the industry?

* I see that PSW Canada has changed their name over to OPSWA. They have a new neat looking site. It’s good to see them continuing their solid work.

* Personal Support Worker Canada posted an article on the CAW getting involved in a PSW related picket. Will the CAW shift towards the health care industry (and PSW’s) as the article predicts? I hope so, we could use their presence.

* The North Bay Nugget continues to beat a dead horse, once again bringing up the story of PSW Tasha Simmons stealing over $5000 from a client. This happened a while ago. Let it go. I guess there isn’t much going on news-wise up in North Bay

* The school season is just around the corner. College’s around Ontario will begin personal support worker courses. What does that mean for the established crew? (myself included) More co-op students! One on hand I like the co-op students. They help alleviate my workload. On the other hand I find available hours shrinking during their placements, as my employer would rather pay a co-op student $0 vs my wage.

* Building upon that point, I have a couple of co-workers that really take advantage of the co-op students. They make them do tons of the work. It’s not fair to take advantage of the students, even if they are stealing a few hours here and there. Hey, we were (well most of the new crowd) students at one time or another, right?

That’ll do it. I guess a bit has changed and more has stayed the same. I’ll try to update this blog at least once a month from here on out.

PS: Stay safe & cool!!!!


PSW Regulation

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The Startford Beacon Herald posted an article the other day about the difficulty of obtaining sustainable care. The article quotes a family and the CUPE Union. It later delves into bid contracting and future regulation recommendations. It’s well worth reading (direct link via Stratford at the start of this post).

Regulation Report

PSW Regulation via HPRAC

The Ontario Government will once again ask the opinion of theHPRAC, which is a ‘independent’ advisory to the Ontario Government, about PSW regulation. Last time around (2006) the HPRAC shot down any hopes of regulation. Here’s a quote from the official report:

HPRAC’s central recommendation to the Minister is that Personal Support Workers should not be regulated as a profession under the Regulated Health Professions Act. HPRAC also concludes that the closest alternate form of regulation – a Personal Support Worker Registry – should not be implemented.

For those looking to regulate the HPRAC could be a key.

Recent PSW Graduation Article

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psw canada school

I was e-mailed a link the other day for a rare yet informative personal support worker newspaper article. It was published in the small market Bancroft This Week. The author visited a PSW graduation at Loyalist College. Nothing overtly ground breaking was reported, although the article did yield a few interesting quotes.

Here’s a quote from mature graduate Sherry Marshall:

“Returning to school as a mature student was a huge challenge and it feels great to now be a college graduate… I’m so glad that I returned to school because I would not be in this position today without my PSW certification.”

Tom Malloy, the Dean of Skills training at the school summed up the demand for this (and all courses) rather succinctly.

“Students are drawn to the fact that they are able to complete their certification within a short period of time, graduating with the qualifications necessary to work within the health-care field.”

This particular PSW Course can be taken in one of the two following formats. A compressed 24 week course and a longer 32 week version. Both include co-op placements.

For more information on this course you can visit Loyalist College . You can also check out the following link for a comprehensive listing of PSW Courses across Ontario

Late October Update

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Hey everyone. Been a while, not much is new on the job front.

Random Net Surfing

I came across an interesting article on the personal support worker employment cycle. The short article lists a numerous reasons as to why PSW jobs are hard to come by currently. Some of the main points are; school (free co-op), economy and current workers trying to max out overtime after summer vacations.

Has anyone found this out to be true? I’ve done a quick search of the Canadian Job Bank and there appears to be a number of jobs offered by AgTa homecare and very few by others.

New Years Resolution

On the job front I’m going to take advantage of my employers various course and training modules in 2010. Sorta a new years resolution. There’s no cost to take these courses and they should make me more desirable to employers.

College Diploma Fraud Article from the Toronto Star

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Toronto Star

Toronto Star

This past week the Toronto Star posted an illuminating investigation on College’s selling fake diplomas.

The story features a reporter (DIANA ZLOMISLIC ) posing as a personal support worker student for at a private college in Toronto (Ontario Academy of Science and Technology). To make a long story short Diana pays the owner of the school, Ken Miller, $480 under the table to receive her PSW Certificate in two weeks. Obviously Diana did not complete the required in-class or co-op portions of the class. The owner even backdated the certificate to May 2009, to make it look like she didn’t just graduate, along with setting up fake co-op placement references.

I look at this article in a couple of different ways. Firstly, I hope that the findings of this investigation does not turn individuals off hiring or leaving seniors in the care of qualified personal support workers. Secondly, I hope this article and the potential backlash from it gets the Ontario government to get their act in gear and shut these scam schools down. The article outlines that they have been under investigation for three weeks. The PSW industry and others taught at private colleges across the province are at risk of losing credibility in the public’s eyes.

It’s an interesting read to say the least. The link to the article is at the top of this post.

Two Cool PSW Websites

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Over the past few weeks I’ve come across a few cool PSW Websites.

The first is hosted here on WordPress. It’s the PSW Canada WordPress Blog. They always have some interesting fresh content. They don’t pull any punches, their goal is to increase regulation and the public perception of the industry. Well worth a read.

The second site I’ve found may have taken a page from my own blog posts. PSW personal support worker .org only has a few posts up but they seem to be doing the whole PSW media watch dog thing. I’ll give this a shot a site in the coming months. From what they gather the mainstream media (according to Google at least) isn’t paying too much attention to the industry.


Oh well…

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So much for that weekly schedule. I’m having a difficult time finding interesting things to write about on a psw front without leaking too much in terms of client confidentiality.

I did a few more search’s for the keywords personal support worker over at the Toronto Star. Nothing of interest turned up. I tried a few other sites, also in vein. It still appears that not a whole lot is getting done in terms of PSW’s breaking out into the mainstream consisensnes. It’s funny too if you think about it. Almost everyone that I know has another friend/relative that’s a PSW. It’s not like where an underground proffession! Sometimes it seems like it is…

I applied

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I’m just about out the door to head over to work. By the time anyone reads this I will have dropped off my resume for the upcoming contract opening at my work. Keep your fingers crossed, I know I will 🙂

Outside of that I don’t have too much to say. I went to Disney on Ice a week ago. It was pretty good. On the job front, outside of the contract opening, everything is pretty much the same. I guess the status quo is nothing to complain about, especially these days.

I’ll be back with an update when I have one. Hopefully I’ll have some news about my application and whether or not I scored an interview. If I do I’ll share some of the interview techniques, my prep, etc here on the blog. As always thanks for taking the time to visit my Blog.

My Attempt at a website: PSW Jobs

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Hi all. I’ve tried my hand at creating a personal support worker related website after purchasing a new Mac (lovin’ it by the way)

Using a program named Rapid Weaver I’ve created a pretty simple site named PSW Jobs Dot Com . As the name states the website features listings for PSW Jobs. Currently I don’t have too many postings, basically a few listings I can find from around the net. I’ve e-mailed a number of employers and I’m waiting to hear back from the majority of them. I didn’t know this before I created the site but places like charge something like $300 for one online job posting.

In the future I hope to improve my website creation skills and have the site become more fluid and up to date. As for now it still has some decent information and jobs for Ottawa, Toronto, etc.

I’ll be back with more info on the site and how I resolved a slight management/employment program at work early next week.

Have a good weekend.


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Have you ever thought about becoming a personal support worker in the province of Ontario or in any other part of Canada?

Today’s PSW is one of the better paid positions vs time in school. Most courses only take a year to complete and the starting wage is right around $15.

PSW Jobs are in high demand, yet many employers simply cannot fill up all of their required positions.

 PSW Canada

This is due to many factors, including the baby boomer retirement period that we are currently in. 

You may enter a personal support worker school at either the college or private level. A college certficate may carry more weight with some employers but it is more expensive than a private education.


For more info on these topics and anything else, you can visit Personals Support Worker PSW, the internet’s #1 PSW website.

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